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In light of recent events, pls sign this petition to make anti-freeze inedible for animals -

Olly Martins for Bedfordshire Police & Crime Commissioner

October 24th, 2012

On 15 November voters in Bedfordshire will elect a Police and Crime Commissioner with the power to set budgets and priorities for the police and choose the chief constable.

Labour’s candidate, Olly Martins, is committed to maintaining an effective, reasonably resourced police service that will be effective in our communities.  The Tory candidate believes in 20% cuts with reductions in police numbers and community support officers and privatisation of work to G4S, who made such a spectacular mess of the Olympics.

The co-leader of the English Defence League is also standing and trying desperately to drum support.  He was arrested last weekend as part of a group of EDL supporters who allegedly planned to target a mosque in East London.  The leader of EDL is currently on remand.  The idea of a racist having any influence over our police is horrifying.

Olly has been meeting people across Bedfordshire to listen to their concerns, and we’ve been pleased to campaign with him here in Goldington.

You can find out more about the election, cuts and Olly by watching this short video –


Anti-Freeze Additive Would Stop Animal Deaths

March 7th, 2012

Bedfordshire on Sunday has recently reported on a spate of cat deaths around Maskell Drive as a result of the pets drinking anti-freeze.

It isn’t really known if the deaths were accidental or deliberate; apparently cats and other animals enjoy the taste of anti-freeze.

If the government were to require manufacturers to add a bitter agent, then the deaths of much loved pets could be avoided.  Legislation already exists  to require additives for other chemicals.

We’re backing his petition (nothing to do with the Labour Party as far as I know), please take a minute to sign it.


Dave Lukes

February 5th, 2012

Tomorrow is the funeral of Dave Lukes.  Dave was an enthusiastic and energetic campaigner for Labour in Goldington and beyond.  More than that, he was a decent, kind, funny man who was committed to the causes he believed in as well as a devoted husband, father and grandfather.

It is barely more than six months since Dave was out campaigning with us in the borough elections, where he made an invaluable contribution to a great result for the party.  It was only in October that, despite his illness, he wanted to try and find ways to help.  He was extremely active, leading cycle rides for clubs in Bedford.  To see cancer claim him so fast just shows what a random and unfair illness it is.

Most of all, so many people have lost a good friend and his family have lost so much more.  He will be missed.

The funeral will take place at Norse Road Crematorium at 1.45pm.


Goldington Election Results 2009 Vs 2011

May 7th, 2011

Here were our results from yesterday…

FORTH, Anthony Labour Party Candidate 620

FORTH, Hazera Labour Party Candidate 582

GILLARD, Sylvia Anne – ELECTED Liberal Democrat Focus Team 960

MERRYMAN, Phil – ELECTED Liberal Democrat Focus Team 897

ROBERTSON, John Norman Conservative Party Candidate 542

ROSE, Gillian Mary Conservative Party Candidate 454

…and these were the results from 2009…

Labour (Garrick): 290

Liberal Democrat (Gillard): 1107 – ELECTED

Liberal Democrat (Merryman): 1049 – ELECTED

Labour (Roome): 299

Conservative (Rose): 715

Conservative (Stonebridge): 682

In two of the wards neighbouring us (both smaller in size) the LibDems increased their majorities receiving over 1500 votes each (and over 2000 in one case). Plus they held the elected mayor of Bedford with an increased majority, so our improvement was not inevitable. We also faced an active Tory challenge.